Why Should I Secure my Site with HTTPS?

January 22, 2018
Posted in: Web Development

Ever wonder why you see “http://” before the website address in your browser? HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is the communication between a web server and web browser. In other words, it’s the method your browser uses to communicate with the website you are visiting.

HTTP served its purpose well, but it’s now known to be insecure, allowing third parties to access your computer and steal your personal information. This is where HTTPS comes in. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP which means all information that is transferred between browser and server is encrypted. HTTPS will protect users from man-in-the-middle attacks.

Another reason why you should switch to HTTPS is search engines, such as Google. Google will soon flag all HTTP sites that use any form of text input as “insecure.” Google also prefers sites that use HTTPS over HTTP and will better rank sites that are secure.

Finally, users want to see that their information is safe. For instance, when I’m shopping online and I need to input credit card information I won’t use I site that isn’t secured with HTTPS.

Don’t have a secure site yet? Contact us today and we’ll get you started.

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