Using Flexible Layouts to Manage Complex Structures in WordPress Websites

July 26, 2016
Posted in: How To, Web Development, WordPress

Building complex layouts in WordPress can be a pain. It’s especially difficult if you’re using multiple plugins to build these layouts, or are managing structures in various areas in the WordPress administration area.

At Machine, we use Advanced Custom Fields to heavily modify the page/post editing screens, and create Flexible Layouts, or Blocks for each complex structure that we’ve wireframed, designed, and developed for your site.

This means that every area of every page can be used anywhere else in any order any number of times.

That might sound a bit complicated, but using Flexible Layouts, you’ll be able to create an infinite number of unique layouts without a developer’s help.

Depending on the requirements for your site, we’ll identify build all of the flexible layouts you need to get your content published.

We put a quick introduction video together to show you what it looks like:

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