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Our Process

We're with you from planning to launch, and stick around for maintenance.

1. Branding / Brand Review

Before we get started on any design or development project, we ensure that we’re building on a strong brand.

If your organization already has a brand in place, we’ll review it thoroughly, and may provide suggestions to strengthen it further. If you don’t have a brand guide document, we’ll create one to identify logo usage, and brand colours & fonts.

If your organization doesn’t already have a brand, we’ll work with you to build one.

2. Content Architecture

To be able to design a website, we need to organize the content it’ll include. We’ll work with you and your team to outline the key pages of the new website, and determine a basic navigation menu structure.

A structure for a small site could look like this:

  1. Home
  2. About Us
  3. Our Work
    1. Project 1
    2. Project 2
    3. Project n…
  4. Contact Us

3. Wireframing

Once the content architecture has been finalized, we can focus on the site’s functionality, and begin laying out each main page of the site.

Our skilled web designers create a blueprint-style layout including each main element of each key page, while considering usability, responsive re-positioning and scaling.

The final wireframes give us a functional base to move on to the site design phase.

4. Responsive Design

With final wireframes in hand, our designers apply your logo, brand colours, and brand fonts to the new interface, and create a rich, immersive experience using high-impact photography and visual effects.

While they won’t be developing the website, our designers do have experience working with code, and developing responsive structures, so everything they design is easily ported over during the development phase.  Just to be safe, our developers always review site designs during the design phase, and work with our designers to suggest changes, as needed.

The final design is then ready to be “cut and coded”, and turned into a fully-responsive website.

5. Custom WordPress Theming

This part of the process is where our experience really shines through. We use the knowledge we’ve refined over hundreds of projects to develop you the best site for your needs.

We start by installing WordPress and configuring it for optimal performance, then install a small number of highly valuable, stress-tested plugins to assist with site management and customization.

We then build a custom WordPress theme based on your new responsive design. Using a fully-responsive grid system that’s compatible with all modern web browsers and devices, we code the front-end of the website using PHP, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

The WordPress management console is then customized to allow you to manage all aspects of the website including content, images and media, and other complex functionality your site includes.

6. Training, Website Launch, and Maintenance

Our experienced trainers will walk you through WordPress, and teach you to manage the website, so you can always login and make a quick change, if required.

Prior to launching your new site, we’ll test it on all modern browsers and devices, using a large number of physical devices in our office and emulators for any devices we don’t yet have access to.

Once the website has been fully tested, and is deemed ready for launch, we’ll move it to a cloud-based server in our data centre, or to a server of your choosing, and will perform additional post-launch testing and website optimization.

The website is now live to the public, but our relationship doesn’t end here. We’ll continue to maintain the technical side of the website by performing WordPress and plugin updates, and providing ongoing testing including link scans, Google Analytics reporting, and accessibility testing.

Work with us!