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Benefits by Design helps working Canadians connect with group benefits and workplace solutions that grow business and support good health. They needed their website to do the same. We met with BBD in Kingston, Ontario where we were able to get a genuine sense of their culture and atmosphere. This helped to kick off what would soon be an easy to manage, fully mobile responsive custom WordPress website which matched their brand values entirely.

We worked with BBD to help condense their previous website’s content to provide a clean and strategic site architecture. A map which effortlessly guided the users to their destination quickly. Whether this be a potential client looking for plans or products, or an advisor looking to sign in to their account we made sure everything flowed correctly.

Keeping BBD’s upbeat and positive aura was imperative through the design process, mixing fun animations with easy to read and flexible sections ensured this. As many of our clients do, BBD came to us with their brand already established so we worked on infusing their brand colours (yellow and black) with high quality imagery to set the tone. Using the BBD honey bee for more design inspiration, the honeycomb shape became a consistent design element used throughout for icons, accents and picture cropping.

BBD has three locations, and they wanted to tailor their website to suit these specific audiences. We implemented a feature using geolocation which depending on where you are located will change the main imagery on the website. When a user is out west they will see the beautiful rockies as a header and footer image whereas if they are in Kingston they are greeted with the thousand islands. Doing this allows BBD to further customize their users’ experience.

Machine continues custom WordPress development to add new features and enhance existing functionality, while keeping WordPress and its plugins secure and up to date.

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