Touchscreen Demos for Tradeshows and Conferences

New Applications for a New Brand

Following Nokia’s successful acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent, the now larger company needed to redesign and redevelop several interactives, demos, and applications to bring them under the Nokia brand.

We worked closely with the Nokia brand ambassadors to bring our design and development teams up to speed on the extensive Nokia brand guidelines to ensure that the HTML5 applications we were building would be fully Nokia brand compliant.

Working with several stakeholders, we designed and developed three touchscreen interactives for use at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.  Each application needed to run under specific hardware and software requirements, and be fixed-aspect-ratio responsive.

To ensure that the applications would run as intended on the target hardware and software configuration, we installed a large exhibit-style monitor wall in our office, and thoroughly tested every aspect of the interactives.

Once the interactives were complete, we shipped them to the integration team, and attended MWC to see our work in action and provide on-site support should it be required.

Machine continues to maintain the applications and provide ongoing tradeshow and conference support.

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