Ottawa Senators 25 Years

Custom WordPress Website, 3D Event Timeline

25 Years Worth Celebrating

We were thrilled when the Ottawa Senators asked us if we’d like to take on the the strategy, design, and development of their 25th anniversary website.

The website needed to showcase a long franchise history, help promote dozens of events as part of the upcoming Ottawa 2017 celebrations, and identify various sponsors.

Our creative minds immediately started brainstorming interesting ways for users to navigate through all of the content, and we ended up scoring big.

The main website uses a modern grid-based layout with large imagery and content, is fully mobile responsive, and is built on WordPress, so it’s very easy to manage.  The exciting part, however, is the Timeline.

The 3D event timeline allows users to use their mousewheel (or tap-and-drag on mobiles and tablets) to fly through decades of historical and upcoming events.  Each event panel can include images and videos, as well as descriptive event content.  Any position in the timeline can be shared, so you can send a link to a specific event and the recipient can fly through to what you wanted to show them.

Machine now provides web hosting and maintenance on the live website, and monitors analytics and SEO.

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