Rainbow Schools

Custom WordPress Multisite Website Development

Rainbow District School Board is the largest public school board in Northern Ontario. In partnership with design agency Studio123, a WordPress multisite was created to give each of their many schools a home they could call their own. The multisite network currently houses 51 websites – all managed by board and school administrators. A WordPress multisite was the smartest option as it is best used when building a network of sites which share similar functionality.

Giving each school their own website within Rainbow’s network allows the selected admins to alter the design by adding their own logo, images and colours. However all school sites share the same structure and this cannot be altered by the admin. This ensures the overall look and feel of Rainbow’s brand isn’t compromised and stays in line with the main board website.

School Admins can update their slider with important announcements, allow their teachers to create blog posts and lead students or parents to frequently requested documents. Using Rainbow’s school directory located on the main site, parents and students can then access each school’s website along with school profiles, key contacts, addresses and phone numbers.

Another special feature we developed was a mega menu to organize and house all of Rainbow’s subpages. A mega menu is a key ingredient for larger sites with many features as it helps to better direct the user to important content. There is a smaller utility navigation bar at the top of the website which is immediately visible to promote the most important pages like News and Events.The WordPress multisite we developed keeps Rainbow District School Board ahead of the curb as we continue to update and improve their online network.

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