Custom WordPress Website Development

Uberflip approached us to develop their own design into a highly customizable WordPress website complete with all the bells and whistles. Uberflip is a Toronto-based company which lets marketers give their content a home through various tools and their new website demanded a variety of flexible sections to showcase their features.

Customer service is at the forefront of Uberflip’s brand messaging and we were able to promote that by integrating a live chat feature. This appears on every page and allows Uberflip to easily communicate with their users in real time.

We developed large flexible sections containing text blocks and feature images which animate into the page on scroll. These sections are used throughout the website, adding movement and grabbing the user’s attention as they browse. All high quality images are fully optimized to ensure high-speed load times.

The Uberflip branding included a striking purple and magenta gradient. Instead of images we used CSS3 gradients in various elements to reduce download time and bandwidth usage. Because the gradient is generated by the browser, the gradient is never distorted and appears accurately on all device resolutions.

We gave Uberflip administators the ability to effortlessly build future pages with their custom drag-and-drop flexible sections. Machine now performs regular WordPress and plugin updates, and continues to make additions and improvements to the website when needed.

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