Canadian Museum of Nature

Exhibit Interactive Design, Development, Installation, and Maintenance

The Canadian Museum of Nature (CMN) contracted Machine to develop 18 interactive exhibit interfaces for the redevelopment of their permanent Earth Gallery exhibit.

Using primarily web-based technologies (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and videos), we pushed the computers to their limit to create state-of-the-art interactives that would guide museum visitors through their educational journey into the Earth.

Merging web-based technologies with local hardware (joysticks, buttons, lights, sensors, wheels, and cameras) wasn’t common-place in 2011, so our developers needed to explore alternative (and very leading-edge) options.

The completed interactives allowed visitors to design and erupt a volcano, morph their face, compress and heat rock deep within the earth, track the world’s earthquakes, and even create their own.

These exhibits have been running with nearly no maintenance for over 12 years, and should continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

Machine, continues to work with the Canadian Museum of Nature to maintain interactives as needed, and to update and develop new interfaces for future generations of visitors.

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