Application Strategy, Design, Development, and Maintenance

Machine was approached by Dr. Patrick O’Byrne, Full Professor at the University of Ottawa, to help build an ambitious system – basically, an adaptive quiz that calculates level of risk for each participant and suggests testing for HIV and various STIs.

We worked closely with the GetaKit study team, starting with a complex series of interconnected Google Sheets that allowed Dr. O’Byrne to manipulate variables to ensure that the system was backed by verified science.

Machine then built a heavily customized WordPress environment that allowed the GetaKit team to manage all aspects of the quiz – questions, answer types, scoring, special populations, and more, were all editable in a familiar WordPress interface.

With future expansion in mind, we built the environment as a Multisite, and housed all of the study’s data in the main “hub” site. Sub-sites were easily created by the GetaKit administrators, allowing them to reach participants across Ontario. Sub-sites could then also be managed by site-specific administrators at each location.

During the COVID pandemic, the GetaKit system was quickly and easily adapted to run a second quiz – one that asked COVID-specific questions and scored the COVID self-test. Some sites also offered the COVID self-test in conjunction with the HIV self-test, allowing users to answer one set of questions and receive multiple at-home tests.

At its peak in December 2020, the GetaKit system processed hundreds of orders per minute.

Since then, the system has been greatly expanded. We’ve added many other at-home and laboratory tests, a more streamlined quiz, lab requisitions, curbside and on-site pickup, automated notifications and automated order management processes.

The custom-built user management dashboard allows the GetaKit team and representatives from public health organizations to view and manage orders and labs.

We’re still constantly adding to the system – weekly touch-bases with the GetaKit team typically include a handful of enhancements or entirely new functionalities. The flexibility of the system has been a key factor of the project’s success to date.

We provide ultra secure web hosting for the application and database containing public health information, and 24/7/365 support for all GetaKit requests.

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