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Urbandale Construction, a prominent home builder in Ottawa, understood the significance of having a digital presence that mirrored its reputation for crafting quality homes. However, their existing website was outpaced by the evolving demands of modern homebuyers, offering a less-than-optimal browsing experience.

Turning to our expertise, Urbandale aimed to rejuvenate its online presence. We introduced a revamped user-friendly home search function tailored for the property market. With intuitive filters and smart categorization, potential homeowners can now seamlessly find Ottawa residences that align with their preferences.

The updated design not only captures the site’s aesthetics, but simplifies navigation, reflecting the finesse of an Urbandale home. Beyond initial development, we complete ongoing website maintenance and hosting, ensuring Urbandale remains a go-to choice in Ottawa’s competitive real estate arena.

Our holistic approach not only reimagined Urbandale’s online platform, but solidified its position as a user-focused leader in Ottawa’s home-building sector.

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