Swimming Canada

Donation Platform Design, Development, and Maintenance

Swimming Canada approached Machine to create a donation platform to help raise funds for local swim clubs across Canada. The platform had to be ultra easy to use, and have minimal ongoing maintenance fees.

We began with extensive market research, and worked with Swimming Canada to ensure compliance with their rules and regulations.

Leveraging cutting-edge web development technologies, we crafted a platform that enabled swimmers to effortlessly create personalized fundraising pages, sharing their passion for the sport while raising funds for their local swim club.

By prioritizing ease of use and ensuring a secure donation process, we instilled trust in our users, resulting in a remarkable response. This year, we successfully raised nearly a million dollars for swimming in Canada.

Witnessing the positive impact of our platform fueled our motivation to aim even higher next year. We are excited to expand the platform further by adding new features that enhance user engagement and fundraising capabilities.

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