Creating a Shortcut to any Site’s WordPress Admin Area

January 19, 2016
Posted in: Code Snippets, How To, WordPress

We built a TON of WordPress websites, and that means we’re in the WordPress administration area quite a bit.  Adding /wp-admin/ to the site’s address only takes a few seconds, but since we’re all about efficiency and spending time on things that count, we automated the process.

Using the code below, we can now click an “Admin Area” bookmark item, and jump to the /wp-admin/ folder of the website we’re currently viewing – in a new tab, to boot!

Here’s the code: + '//' + + '/wp-admin/');

All you need to do to install this bookmarklet on your favourite browser is drag the following link to your bookmarks toolbar. Go ahead, give it a shot.

Admin Area

Happy WordPressing!

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