Nuage Networks

WordPress Website Re-Vamp

A fresh new look

After working with Nuage Networks for several years, we found that the ever-growing website was beginning to need a re-vamp.

We strive to consider all possible futures when we work on site strategy, wireframing, design, and development, but as site content grows and new functionality is added, we find it important to take a step back and re-consider our initial direction.

“Does this layout still work?”

When working with a small list of resources, a high-impact layout with large callouts for each resource may be the best approach, but as additional resources are published, that same layout can create a very long-scrolling page that could affect usability.

Using website click heatmapping, scroll heatmapping, and other analytics, we are able to fully understand how users are interacting with the current website, and can identify possible areas that need improvement, and properly plan the addition of new content and features.

The Nuage Networks site needed some minor layout changes, and while we were in there, we took the opportunity to revamp the global navigation, expand the homepage impact area, and modernize the overall look and feel.

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