Stellar Management and Hein & Associates

Custom Multisite WordPress Websites

Stellar Management and Hein & Associates are a team of chartered professional accountants here in Canada’s capital. We worked with their team to create a WordPress multisite which ultimately houses both websites under the same roof. A WordPress multisite was the smartest option as it is best used when building a network of sites which share similar functionality.

The content on the two websites was concise enough for us to put into a one page format. A WordPress blog was introduced to increase organic traffic from Google, while still informing their audience of best practices within their market. To keep the user interested when scrolling we created flexible sections unique to their business story and goals. Downloading checklists & forms is made easy for their clients with the “Download Forms” page, a page solely dedicated to efficiently finding the correct downloadable information.

The most beneficial aspect of creating a multisite for Stellar & Hein is the ease of which our client can change the entire look of both of their websites by simply changing the colours and imagery. The base structure stays the same but the atmosphere is unique. We continue to work with Stellar Management and Hein & Associates to keep their WordPress multisite fully secure and create new flexible sections to improve their user’s experience and accommodate new information.

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